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April 8th 2022

This week brought professionals from every corner of the sailing industry together in the beautiful town of Annapolis, Maryland for the 2022 Sail America Industry Conference. With eager attendees representing a variety of member organizations, the conference took on a fresh perspective for the issues brought onto the week’s agenda. Hot topics included inclusive marketing, leadership in uncertainty, cybersecurity, and the sustainable future of sailing, both as a sport and a recreational activity.

Professional Sailboat Brokers

Murray Yacht Sales proudly joined the ranks of the sailboat dealers in these meetings, panels, and lectures, offering our own perspective to each condition as well as graciously taking home tips for professional development.

Inclusive Marketing

Speakers noted improving diversity in sailing as well as broke down some of what ways it could be made more accessible. These ways included continuing to foster organizations that promote this diversity such as Community Sailing New Orleans. These vital programs bring the joy and challenge of sailing to groups that may not have traditionally had the opportunity to.

Yacht Brokerage Cybersecurity

The Team at Murray Yacht Sales welcomed the keynote speakers detailing tactics to further mitigate cybersecurity risks online and augmented our sustained commitment to protecting our clients data, identity, and financial resources.


Climate-change related topics were certainly prioritized throughout the industry convention as well as actively engaged leaders on innovative ways to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and streamline electric solutions via cross-brand collaboration.