Brief Summary

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 is state of the art with generous accommodations on deck and below, thanks to her 17’6” (5.33 m) beam that is carried nearly all the way to its transom. The boat has nearly every device invented in the last 50 years in the sailing world to make sail handling as effortless, and as simple as possible. Further, she is full of innovations of her own that make her a noteworthy vessel, her size notwithstanding.

Key Features

Dual helm stationsTender garageLarge cockpit with twin banquettes with power tablesPower winches standardOptional interior layoutsDeep or shoal draft keels


Length Overall62′ 10” 
19.16 m
Beam17′ 6” 
5.33 m
Draft9′ 9” 
2.98 m
Shallow Draft (Shallow Keel)7′ 10” 
2.38 m
Hull Length59′ 6” 
18.13 m
L.W.L58’ 8” 
17.88 m
Max Headroomopen
Dry Weight57,542 lbs. 
26,108 kg
Tested WeightN/A
Mast Height (max)
Person CapacityN/A
Fuel Capacity264 gal. 
1,000 L
Water Capacity280 gal. 
1,060 L
Shallow Ballast Weight14,987 lbs. 
6,800 kg
Deep Ballast Weight13,004 lbs 
5,900 kg
Mainsail Area (Classic)1,001 sq ft
93.03 m²
Headsail Area (105 %)893 sq ft
82.99 m²

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder’s website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power1 x 170-hp Yanmar 6-cylinder
Tested Power1 x 170-hp Yanmar diesel
Opt. PowerNot Available

Performance Chart

Performance Chart

Acceleration Times & Test Conditions

Time To PlaneN/A
0 to 30N/A

Captain’s Report

Contents of Report


The Oceanis Yacht 62 has been designed for an owner who loves to sail in comfort, entertain friends on day-boat outings, and cruise far and wide with plenty of creature comforts with as many as three couples aboard. She is also intended to be sailed short-handed, and that includes when there is a boat load of landlubbers aboard. Her tall mast and asymmetrical spinnaker can give her good light-air performance.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sail

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 has solved most of the problems and annoyances that are often inherent in sailboats.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 layout

The deck layout of the Oceanis Yacht 62 features a clean, unencumbered deck. The spacious cockpit utilizes two tables, one port and one starboard, making it easy to move fore and aft. Behind the dual helm stations, the bench seat covers the top of a hydraulically lifting barbecue and sink. All running rigging is directed aft to winches at the helm stations.

Vessel Overview

In her light configuration, the Oceanis Yacht 62 displaces 57,542 lbs. (26,108 kg) and draws 9’9″ (2.98 m) with her deep cast iron keel, or 7’10” (2.38 m) with her shallow-draft optional keel. Her displacement with the deep keel is 57,542 lbs. (26,108 kg.) and 59,525 lbs. (27,007 kg) with the relatively shallow keel.

Her beam, carried well aft, is 17’6” (5.33 m). This prodigious beam makes her roomy below and gives her quite a bit of form stability.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sail

The Oceanis Yacht 62 makes the most of her 17’6” beam with a layout suited equally well for sailing and lounging.

The Oceanis Yacht 62 is nearly as easy to sail short-handed as a smaller boat, and Beneteau has accomplished this feat by means of nine important details:

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 rigging

The easy sailing of this Oceanis Yacht 62 starts here, at the base of the mast, where much of the rigging is concealed in runs along the sides of the cabin top.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The optional in-mast furling for the mainsail can help simplify sail management, to put it mildly.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Likewise, headsail furling makes sail-handling much easier for the crew.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

This block system mounted atop the hardtop keeps the mainsheet from disturbing the cockpit social area, as well as eliminating the need for a traveler, and it keeps the boom high.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Optional Seasmart pull-up cleats are at the ready to secure lines…

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

…But are sleek and unobtrusive when not in use.

Short-Handed or Single-Handed Sailing

A vital ingredient for successful short-handed sailing, especially as the size of the sails increase, is a logical and ergonomic layout of winches, running rigging, jammers, autopilot, and line handling bags. The Oceanis Yacht 62 provides a compact, easy to reach layout close by to each helm station.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 cockpit

Everything the sailor needs is right within reach and out of the way of the cockpit social area.

The main running rigging — halyards, topping lift, boom vang, and mainsheet — are all led aft from the mast in hidden runs through the cabin top, keeping the deck clear. Just ahead of each helm station is a bank of jammers through which each line runs, and a powered self-tailing winch — all within arm’s reach of the helm.

Slightly outboard of each helm station is a larger powered primary self-tailing winch for the 106% genoa and 3,230 sq. ft. (300 sq. m) asymmetrical spinnaker.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 winches

Jammers and self-tailing electric Harken winches are handy to the helm stations on either side.

Double Helm

A pair of helm stations and seats port and starboard, each complete with 43” (109.2 cm) diameter carbon-fiber Carbonnautica steering wheels, redundant engine and sail controls, and an instrument pod complete with B&G multifunction display and autopilot control, are a real plus for a yacht with this beam, and with the added advantage of twin rudders as well. When docking the Oceanis Yacht 62, the captain has the benefit of excellent sightlines along the side of the boat near the dock. Coupled with the 170-hp Yanmar diesel engine, the bow thruster, and retractable stern thruster makes handling this yacht in close quarters a cinch.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Dual carbon-fiber steering wheels, dual engine controls, and other instruments make the Oceanis Yacht 62 easy to handle, fun, and safe.

Extra Crew. Push the “Auto” button on the autopilot, reach just forward of the helm for halyards and the mainsheet controls or just aft for the jib sheet, and one person can access, ease, or trim all the key trim ingredients for the boat. Because of this layout and with the autopilot engaged, the Oceanis Yacht 62 becomes a boat that is probably as easy to single-hand as any on the market, no matter what the size.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 helm

The helm pods each feature the B&G multifunction display with the company’s sailing software package, an autopilot control head, and the engine controls for when it’s time to dock.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Additional engine and B&G instruments are mounted on the cockpit edge, easy to see. The Harken two-speed electric winch control is shown at bottom.

The benefits of a windward helm station, where one can easily see the sails and the waters ahead of the boat, make sailing this yacht fun, responsive, and safe. With the large bench seat spanning the deck between the wheels, there is plenty of room for a couple — and the kids — to enjoy sailing together at the helm.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The Oceanis Yacht 62 is set up for short-handed and single-handed sailing, and, even in light air, she romps through the water.

The 3-spreader mast carries an in-mast furling mainsail at 786 sq. ft. (73 sq. m) and a 893 sq. ft. (83 sq. m) 106% roller-furling genoa. The optional asymmetrical spinnaker adds 3,230 sq. ft. (300 sq. m) of off-the-wind sail area and performance.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The Oceanis Yacht 62 has an air draft of 91’1” (27.76 m).

Standing Rigging

The mast is stayed with three sweptback spreaders connected to upper shrouds affixed to chain plates on the yacht’s gunwales. Having the chain plates all the way outboard provides the maximum structural support and strength for the 90’ (27 m) rig. The single backstay from the top of the mast is attached to a ‘fish plate’ well above deck that splits the backstay into two legs that attach outboard on the port and starboard quarters.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Placing the chainplates outboard lets them function more effectively, and they impinge on movement on deck very little in our experience.

The advantage of this arrangement, in addition to stabilizing the mast, is that it leaves the centerline at the transom unencumbered for ease of access to the companionways that lead down to the transom.

A 170-hp Yanmar diesel engine and tankage carrying 264 gallons (1,000 L) of fuel provide power for docking and close-quarters maneuvering. She holds 280 gallons (1,060 L) of fresh water.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 yanmar

A 170-hp Yanmar diesel and Cummins Onan generator are accessible under the companionway stairs.

Larger sails do require more energy with which to control them. By utilizing roller furling mainsail, headsail, an available self-tacking jib, and an asymmetrical spinnaker, three-block mechanical advantage on the mainsail, and powered winches for all sail evolutions, the Oceanis Yacht 62’s sail plan is relatively easy to control.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 jib

The self-tacking jib makes the Oceanis Yacht 62 even easier to sail for daytrips when the cockpit is full of family and friends.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sailing

She’s got plenty of space for guests, but they don’t have to do a thing – they won’t even be in the way.

Comfort Abounds

Sunbathing Anyone? The Oceanis Yacht 62 provides seven generous lounging areas on deck due to its clean and uncluttered layout, flush deck hatches, and level cushion areas. On the foredeck, large cushions are fitted to the cabin top forward of the mast.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 trunk cabin

The trunk cabin has a sun pad that measures 7’7” by 4’4” (2.31 m by 1.32 m).

The cabin top on either side of the companionway is fitted for another set of sunbathing cushions. This area also doubles as a comfortable reclining area under a dodger when the weather is inclement.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 lounge

Cabin-top lounging to port and starboard of the companionway is hard to beat. Still close enough to hear cockpit conversation, yet far enough not to be considered rude when it goes ignored.

The two bench seats in the cockpit are 8’1” (2.47 m) long and provide comfortable lounging whether at anchor or sailing. With the hydraulic lift tables lowered and filler cushions added, these lounge areas are 3’3” (0.99 m) wide. Across the transom abaft the helm stations, a seventh padded sunning area provides a sheltered area, free from wind and spray.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 teak table

This teak table has a grab handle on its inboard side, leaves that fold out for more usable surface, and are on high-low pedestals that raise and lower at the touch of a button.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 table

The table is ruggedly undergirded by a tubular stainless steel frame that doubles as a grab handle and beverage holder.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 filler

In the lowered position, the table accepts a filler cushion to create a lounge.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 lounge

The forward end of each of these lounges accepts a bolster under the seat cushion to create an inboard-facing lounge.

Thoughtful Cockpit

When on deck, the boat’s cockpit is the primary venue. Beneteau has evolved the cockpit design on the Oceanis Yacht 62 to ensure that it is large and comfortable and at the same time functional and efficient.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 helmsman

The helmsman can be right in the thick of the social scene on the Oceanis Yacht 62 – whether steering from the port or starboard helm.

The thrill of sailing is easy to share with a large group, thanks to an expansive cockpit with port and starboard cockpit settees that transform into lounges, with high-low tables. We particularly like the separate port and starboard tables that allow for a wide centerline passageway from the companionway all the way aft without jostling guests on board or needing to climb up on the side decks to pass by the party.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 locker

Large lockers beneath the lounges add valuable stowage space for the cushions on all of the seats.


Our test boat had a hardtop, which shaded the cockpit and was cleanly integrated into the arch. It had an optional fixed canvas awning forward to which a dodger could easily be attached to further shelter the cockpit.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 canopy

This canopy is on fixed tubular stainless steel frame and would accept and support a dodger in blustery conditions.

The hardtop has a fabric sunroof that opened at the touch of a button, and also had a pair of skylights over the helm stations that were positioned to allow the helmsman to observe the rig and sail trim at either helm station.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sun roof

The opening sunroof on the hardtop added versatility to the cockpit and allowed the cockpit crew to observe the rig easily.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sky lights

The skylights allow the helmsman to watch the rig from either side.

On the port helm console, Beneteau has added a refrigerated beverage box to complement the grill, sink, and bar on the hydraulically lifting console. Line stowage on either side, near the running-rigging jammers, provides sufficient stowage to keep the lines tidy and clear of the cockpit sole.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 refrigerator

This refrigerated box makes sure the cold drinks are readily at hand for the helmsman and cockpit.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 locker

The vented locker for the propane gas bottle is near the starboard helm.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 lounge

This lounge has handrails and beverage holders, but it also has a few secrets.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 seat cushions

Remove the seat cushions and it’s an elevated teak deck.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The middle section opens a locker to reveal an optional al fresco galley. The lid stays up on gas-assist struts.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 galley

At the push of a rocker the galley raises to 2’5” (0.7366 cm) off the deck to serve as a usable, working height, all the more impressive when one realizes the tender garage is beneath.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 light

Beneteau gets the details just right, as on this pop-up light. Anyone who has tried to cook in the dark knows how important this is.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 swim platform

A section opens on either side to grant access to the stairs to the swim platform (the transom when it’s folded down).

Sea Access

The transom lowers on hydraulic rams to create a very large ‘teak beach’ — a perfect swim platform. When Med-moored, the transom door opens to create a step-aboard deck. From here, port and starboard stairs grant access to the cockpit. We really like how easy it is to step onto the boat and confidently into the cockpit.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 transom

The transom is free of appendages, a nice touch when docking side-to on a crowded dock.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 swim platform

Along with the port and starboard companionways from ‘teak beach’ to cockpit, note the garage that can accommodate a 10’ (3.1 m) hard-bottom inflatable jet boat – such as a Williams 285 jet tender.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The transom stairs on either side raise on gas-assist struts to offer access to port and starboard mechanical spaces that hold the steering gear.

A Boat Within a Boat

The hydraulic transom further lowers to launch the 9’6” (2.90 m) Williams jet tender that comes with the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62. Fully lowered, the transom angles downward to become a launch ramp for the dinghy, so the boat can be rolled out and down into the water. An electric winch at the forward end of the garage retrieves the dinghy to stow it neatly out of the way.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 tender

The Williams 285 jet tender tucks neatly into the garage, thanks to her appendage-free bottom and low profile. The teak beach doubles as a launching ramp.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 center section

The center section of the swim platform holds a folding boarding ladder and the fold-up wheels on which the tender is launched and retrieved.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 passarelle

A Besenzoni passerelle extends from the port aft quarter to make it easy to board.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The rope railing deploys automatically when the passerelle is extended.

On Deck

At the bow, the Oceanis Yacht 62 has a solid stainless steel bowsprit that holds the plow anchor (that comes in part of the Blue Water Pack of options), as well as the tack fitting for the asymmetrical spinnaker. A robust stainless dolphin striker is integral with the stem fitting and provides the necessary structural support to fly the 3,230 sq. ft. (300 sq. m) asymmetrical spinnaker in as much breeze as one would like.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

A very good look at the impressive sprit structure, with built-in anchor roller, tack-fitting attachment for the asymmetrical spinnaker, and solid dolphin striker married into the stem structure.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 bow sprit

Here’s a closer look at the bowsprit. It’s ruggedly constructed yet works well with the lines of the boat.

Just abaft the bowsprit is the headstay for the standard roller-furling jib. The electric windlass is just aft on deck with a healthy chain/anchor rode well forward of the watertight collision bulkhead.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The vertical windlass deploys and retrieves the anchor in the bowsprit pulpit, and the snubber makes sure it stays put when underway.

Crew. The crew’s quarters hatch measures 24” (60.96 cm) square. All of the hatches in the deck of the Oceanis Yacht 62 are flush, so there are no projections to catch one’s foot or snag a sheet. The flush deck arrangement also makes it very comfortable for sun bathing everywhere on deck.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 foredeck

The foredeck is level thanks to flush deck hatches, good for toes and when sails sweep across the deck.

The crew’s quarters have a 6’3” (1.9 m) overhead and double very nicely for sail storage (though the crew’s quarters fit out is an option), fender and dock line storage, and extra provisions and spare parts for an extended cruise. The space is accessed by a vertical ladder and features a 72” long (182.9 cm) berth, a pull-out shower, a sink, a head, and sufficient stowage.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 crew

The crew’s quarters are accessed from the forward most 24” (60.96 cm) square hatch in the foredeck.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 remote

Notice the windlass remote control and winch handle for dealing with the ground tackle.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Excellent access to the rode locker is at the forward end of the crew’s quarters through a hatch in the forward bulkhead.

Further aft there are two more opening hatches forward of the mast and large skylights just abaft the mast. With large windows and opening hatches in the cabin topsides, plus very large windows in the topsides, we found that there was a tremendous amount of light that flooded the interior and made the yacht open and airy. All of the hatches have screens and blackout covers to darken the interior spaces when desired.

Interior Layouts

The Oceanis Yacht 62 offers two layout versions: the first with three en suite staterooms; the second with the same three staterooms plus a smaller bunkroom in place of the third head. We would suggest that the three-stateroom, three-head layout is better for three couples, whereas the second layout might be better for a single, larger family with small children. Crew’s quarters with a berth and head in the bow come in both layouts.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 layout

The three-cabin, three-head layout is ideal for three couples cruising together. Each cabin has plenty of stowage and its own head.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 layout

The four-cabin – really a three-stateroom layout with one small cabin – and two-head layout might be ideal for a larger family with children where the importance of three separate heads is reduced.


Descending the companionway into the main saloon one can immediately see the abundant natural light, the open and airy layout and the comfort offered by the saloon. The interior joinery work is Alpi with a Brushed Oak or Walnut finish, the same composite material that Beneteau uses in all of its boats for durability in the marine environment, and Milano oak floors.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 salon

One of the attractive features below is the easy-to-negotiate stairs leading below – the six steps are not steep and have courtesy lights, moderate 9 ¾” (24.76 cm) risers, 12” by 32” (30.48 cm by 81.28 cm) treads that curve upward at the outboard ends for better traction when the boat is heeled. Note in the foreground, the sofa to the left, the large saloon table with fold-out leaves, and the sofa to the right (mostly hidden) just ahead of the navigation station.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 salon

The sofa outboard is 7’9” (2.36 m) long and comfortable, as is the 5’4” (1.63 m) continuation along the main bulkhead at right in the picture. Note also the three lower hull-side windows, coupled with the large windows and hatches in the cabin top, together, which bathe the interior in natural light.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 navigation

On the port side, the navigation station has a swiveling bucket seat on a pedestal: very functional at any angle of heel. The navigation station has a cubby in the desk surface to keep papers or a laptop organized and handy, yet out of the way. There’s a networked B&G multifunction display that makes route-planning a snap.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

On the aft bulkhead is a power-control head that operates various ship’s systems with an electronic touchscreen display, as well as switches for specific items with intuitive labels that combine icons and type.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 main salon

Here’s a look aft in the main saloon. Note the sofa backrest also has a secure handrail. It also houses a retractable flatscreen TV.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 nav station

Looking forward in the main saloon with the navigation station to port, we noted the three skylights in the overhead just aft of the main bulkhead. The indirect entry to the master forward is a smart design element that helps improve owner privacy.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 table

The table raises on its pedestal and folds out to offer a roomy dining area. The table is 5’ (1.52 m) long and measures 1’9½” (0.55 m) folded and 3’6¾” (1.09 m) unfolded.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 lockers

Fiddled lockers offer stowage over the settee that’s handy and unobtrusive.


The galley extends the full length of the main saloon along the starboard side. Along with the large sink forward, the three-burner stove/oven, an undercounter refrigerator that loads from the top and the front, and the freezer, there is ample flat working surface in the galley for food preparation. Above and below the countertops, forward in dedicated lockers and below the gas-assist-strut-supported hatches in the deck, there is abundant stowage for a long passage to one’s favorite cruising ground.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 galley

The galley extends the length of the main saloon. Note the three hull-side windows above the countertops, plus the large windows and hatches in the cabin top. Drawers below provide excellent stowage and ease of accessibility. Of special note to the right in the picture: a temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 galley

Four lockers above the counters are fiddled to enhance stowage further, and this area also provides a spot for the microwave. The non-opening section contains the cooktop vent fan.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 cooktop

The cooktop has searails to keep pots where they belong in a seaway. Its cover folds up to form a backsplash, working in concert with the vent fan above. We like the substantial grabrail.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 vent

The vent fan folds out over the cooktop to minimize cooking odors and heat.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 galley

The galley counter measures 12’10” (3.91 m) long and has grabrails that can also function as towel bars. Hullside windows improve counter illumination, as well as the view for the cook.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 refrigerator

The under-counter refrigerator opens from the top as well as the front, for simple access when heeled, without spilling contents all over the deck.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 fridge access

At anchor the front doors may offer better access to the refrigerators.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 oven

The gimbaled oven is easily accessible as well, and the grab handle helps prevent the chef from falling against the hot appliance in a seaway.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 galley

The galley dishwasher is convenient to the sink and makes scullery duties a snap, helping ensure the entire crew has more time to enjoy the cruise.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The control unit to monitor and manage the water maker is just beneath the dishwasher.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The sink has folding faucets and is also under a cover to optimize the counter space, which makes for a clean look when hosting a party onboard.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 fridge

Another refrigerator and the laundry are convenient to the galley, situated just forward.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 deck hatch

A hatch in the deck gives access to the manifold for the freshwater system.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 pantry

An in-deck pantry measures 31” by 43” (78 cm by 109.2 cm) and has a tray system to help keep it organized.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 wine

Additional wine stowage for 16 additional bottles is in a locker in the sole near the entrance to the master suite.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 ac

An air-conditioning unit is housed under another hatch, for easy inspections and maintenance.

Master Stateroom

The master stateroom forward offers a generous amount of real living space: plenty of room to move about the cabin without bumping into things, large hanging lockers and drawers, bookshelves and reading lamps, and a number of other smart treatments to make an overnight or an extended cruise a real joy. The berth measures 68” (172.7 cm) by 80” (203.2 cm) so it technically falls between a king- and queen-size. The berth has 3’10½” (1.18 m) of headroom above it, and it has a step to either side. Headroom is not an issue.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 stateroom

While the general layout of the master stateroom remains the same, Beneteau offers three variations on the treatment for the desk/bureau/entertainment center aft in the cabin.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 tv

In this configuration, the area aft in the master stateroom has a desk, swiveling chair, and computer connections to the boat’s Wi-Fi system.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 entertainment

That area can also be configured with a small dressing seat with storage below. Entertainment center still remains above.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 drawers

In the third configuration, a chest of drawers adds more stowage space to the area.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 lockers

The master benefits from large hanging lockers and alongside, closets with shelves, all with lights that turn on when the door is opened.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 locker

An additional locker is to port, with shelves and hanging space.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 berth

Drawers beneath the berth add to the stowage.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Of course, the master stateroom can be closed off from the rest of the boat. Doing so exposes a large dressing mirror aft in the cabin. To the right is the door to the stateroom head.

Master Head

The master head features a separate shower enclosed by a bifold acrylic door with a euro-style wand shower and a bench. The overhead in the head compartment is 7’1” (2.159 m) for an airy feel augmented by the natural light from a hullside window above the sink.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 vessel

A vessel-style sink is set on a Corian counter.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 shower

The shower has 7’2½” (2.20 m) of headroom and teak trim.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 stowage

Additional stowage is in the mirrored medicine cabinets over the sink.

Aft Cabins

Two large aft cabins offer queen-size berths, hanging lockers, drawers, bookshelves, built-in reading lights, and lots of natural light. Each stateroom has a 6’3½” (1.92 m) overhead and opens into a private head, so guests have full privacy. The port stateroom has its private head access through a door that enters through the shower. There’s also a door to the passageway, as this head also serves as the dayhead. In the four-stateroom layout, the three guest staterooms all share the portside head.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 aft cabin

In the starboard aft cabin, we noted all the windows and stowage spaces. At right, we can see a slight bulge where the bulkhead makes way for the Williams jet in the garage.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 aft cabin

There is virtually the same configuration in the port aft cabin.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 head

The head on the port side, with large shower just aft. This is the roomier of the two guest heads and the one that also serves as a day head, and is also retained in the four-stateroom layout.

Mechanical Access

The engine and generator are reached through a hatch under the companionway steps that raises easily on gas-assist struts positioned to give good access.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 access

Access points for daily engine checks are easy to reach.

There are Also Hatches in the Aft Staterooms. These hatches can be removed from the frame and be placed out of the way if routine checks turn into larger projects. The port stateroom has an 18” by 34” (45.72 cm by 86.36 cm) hatch to the engine and a 24” by 34” (60.96 cm by 86.36 cm) hatch to the genset. The starboard stateroom has a 25” by 34” (63.5 cm by 86.36 cm) to the other side of the units.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 genset

The 11.5-kW Cummins Onan genset is tucked abaft the engine yet is accessible through a side hatch.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 battery switches

Battery switches are located in the portside aft cabin.


The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 has a LOA of 62’10” (19.16 m) and a beam of 17’6” (5.33 m). With a light displacement of 57,542 lb. (26,101 kg), a half tank of fuel, and eight people on board, she had an estimated test weight of 59,864 lbs. (27,154 kg).

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sail

The Oceanis Yacht 62 has an LOA of 62’10” (19.16 m), a hull length of 59’6″ (18.13 m), and an LWL of 58’8″ (17.88 m). Her total sail area is 1,959 sq. ft. (182 sq. m) with a 106% headsail. With her deep keel, she draws 9’9” (2.972 m).

We had light, variable winds for most of our test, and our boat was rigged with the in-mast furling 786 sq. ft. (73 sq. m) mainsail and a 646 sq. ft. (60 sq. m) self-tacking jib. She sailed easily, tacked without reluctance and stood upright in the light 7 knots whisper of a breeze that we had to work with. With her high 9/10ths rig, she was made for days like this and we sailed along quietly, enjoying the day.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

For ease of sailing short-handed, it’s hard to beat a self-tacking jib and a main that furls into the mast.

With her twin spade rudders providing plenty of surface area, she was responsive to the helm, even in light air. And with her easy-to-manage sail plan and color-coded sheets and halyards, she was simple to tack and gybe. With this deck layout and cockpit, we would look forward to long cruising legs or a delivery down the coast. She’s got plenty of room for a crew and their gear, handholds abound to make it easy to get around, and her roomy cockpit means everyone can be together without getting in the way of the watchstanders sailing the boat, but are readily available if help is needed.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 sail

With her broad transom and beam carrying far aft, twin rudders give excellent control when she’s heeled.

Under Power

Using the 170-hp Yanmar diesel to motor out of the marina, we recorded speeds of 4.5 knots at 2000 rpm with sound levels 67 dBA. At wide open throttle of 3680 rpm, we recorded 9 knots with sound levels of 77 dBA. Sound levels at each rpm level were the same in the saloon.

Options to Consider


7 year structural on hull and deck and 3 year for parts and labor.


The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 will make an excellent summer cruiser or three-seas adventurer with her hardtop and buttoned-up cruising canvas. She is a world-class vessel intended for sailing owners all over the world.

The only cautionary aspect of the boat we see, is her 9’9” (2.98 m) deep keel and 7’10” (2.38 m) shallow keel which will make places like the Abacos and other places in the Bahamas problematical. Beneteau’s U.S. home port is Annapolis, and the waters of the Chesapeake Bay up the rivers are also something to be wary of, but the Oceanis Yacht 62 sails in and out of numerous ports there without trouble. In any case, that is what GPS and chartplotters are for. With the new technology, there is rarely an excuse for running aground.

Standard and Optional Features

Marine Electronics

VHF RadioOptional


Air Cond./HeatOptional
Battery Charger/ConverterStandard
CD StereoStandard
Head: FixedStandard
Shore PowerStandard
Trim TabsStandard
Water HeaterStandard