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Lagoon 410 Catamaran Review – A Superior Cat!

By Daniella Wender – July 22, 2018

The Lagoon 410 catamaran is a super fun toy to sail in, thanks to its superb performance and the many comfy amenities it offers on board.

Considering how spacious this vessel is, you can actually hop aboard with a couple of family members or a bunch of friends and sail your holiday away in style.

Here is the Lagoon 410 catamaran review that will give you a clear picture of what this beautiful vessel has to offer.

The Lagoon 410 has a total of 8 berths (four double berths) and four toilets, which are just enough to enjoy with all your guests while on a charter sailing trip. Both the rear and forward berths are spacious enough to accommodate the sleeping needs of an entire family or a couple of friends.

Two of the aft berths run athwartships while those on the forerun longitudinally. The aft berths are well ventilated and feature an opening skylight and a number of portlights too.
There’s also sufficient space in the lockers and the under bed where you can store your belonging for the entire trip.

The forward berths are narrower and can be a great place for big teenagers to sleep in. A larger part of the berth is finished with Mukali plywood, something that makes the space simple while lending it a classic feel.

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We conducted our test of the new version of the Lagoon 410 in the first days of September. The convoy from Hyères to the Cannes Boat Show at this time of the year usually requires having the accessories to deal with lull: gennaker and light sheets! The unexpected swelling of a major “Cévenol phenomenon” with its high winds presented completely different conditions and, while all that hot air was causing unprecedented catastrophic flooding in the Gard département, we were fighting the 30-knot spots of an unpleasant easterly wind accompanied by choppy seas with a contrary current at 2 knots. This tough unforeseen sailing provided a full-scale test of what many owners and renters of multihulls experience when they are required to reach a destination against the local winds and weather!


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