Monday, December 20, 2010
J/108 shoal-draft performance cruising sailboat- upwind in big seas off France
(Les Sables d’Olonne, France)-  Launched this past week, the J/108 fulfilled lofty goals to continue the tradition of legendary J performance in a shoal-draft cruising boat.  The combination of the J/108’s twin rudders and unique keel/ centerboard design have proven so far to exceed performance expectations.  In moderate to strong breezes and enormous three meter swell running from North Atlantic storms into the Bay of Biscay, the J/108 performed admirably, easily sailed upwind by two people (see photo) in what could be described as “difficult” conditions for shoal-draft boat going to windward.  Reports from the builder Didier LeMoal and J/Boats’ Florida dealer, CrossCurrent Marine’s Craig Crossley, were that upwind “she steers like a dream, the twin-rudders permit you to point the 108 anywhere you want, instantaneously, with no lag in response to the wheel- a remarkable attribute of this particular shoal-draft design”.  Like her smaller twin-sister, the 108 can do a “hockey-stop”, turning 90 degrees within half a boat-length.  And, going backwards under power it’s easy to “parallel-park” onto a dock or back into a slip with ease, inspiring enormous confidence in maneuvers that cause many anxiety.

The J/108 will be spending time in Florida and Key West during Race Week at the Galleon Resort.  Learn more about it now, contact your local J Dealer