The new J/112E is making her debut this October at the Annapolis Boat Show and will be configured standard with a high quality aluminum spar package built by AG Plus of France. This is a new-generation, lightweight, tapered mast section designed and optimized exclusively for the J/112E. Finished in white as part of the standard North American specification, the rig package features a double swept spreader configuration and discontinuous rod rigging.

  • Unique to the mast section (and first to market) is an integrally extruded T-track (no fasteners) that is designed to accept Antal or equivalent sized cars AND a bolt rope style luff tape on the mainsail.
  • To minimize water intrusion through the mast partners, the mast comes equipped with a preformed mast wedge and the lower section of the spar is foam-filled below an above-deck water dam to allow rain and seawater to drain before it reaches the interior. The wiring exits the mast above the deck and leads through a dedicated deck gland.

For those looking for a further boost in short-handed performance, the new J/112E will also be available with an optional Hall Spars autoclaved carbon fiber mast built in Bristol, Rhode Island.  The spar will match the standard mast in dimension and will accommodate the standard rigging. This is a $22,900 upgrade.
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