Best of Both Worlds

The expert design team at Beneteau Sailboats has implemented a safe, stable, & convenient system to package the advantages of both deep and shallow draft keels. A hydraulic lifting keel offered on the Oceanis 34.1 maximizes the hull’s potential when deployed, yet gives access to shores with shallow waters when retracted.

When deployed, the lifting keel brings the performance of a very deep ballast in all points of sail. Without a weighted bulb on the bottom of the keel, this design also saves weight and limits drag.

The option is ideal for sailors who want the critical performance boost a deeper keel offers but also need shoal draft to get to their marina. Pensacola Bay, for instance, is extremely deep yet the marinas and bayous get shallow quickly and require a compromise.

Oceanis 34.1with hydraulic lifting keel deployed


When deployed, the performance draft is 8’4″

When retracted, the draft measures in at 4’1″

Ballast weight: 3,319 lbs (down from 4,099 lbs on the shoal draft)


The top of the keel pivots on a casing molded along the outside of the hull. This centerboard remains outside the hull & gives us a completely watertight structure. *For maximum stability and hold, the top of the keel pivots in a car inside of the casing*. A linear arm lifts keel up and down at the push of a button and is hidden inside of the dinette table.

The keel locks at one of 2 fixed positions – either fully deployed or fully tucked. The keel can only be deployed when the engine is underway, negating the risk of a badly positioned keel under sail. The ability to lock the keel in adds to the stability compared to operating it halfway deployed strictly on hydraulic pressure. It is important to understand that the draft cannot be adjusted to fit within the current depth and you must sail at one of the two positions (8’4″ or 4’1″).

In addition to adding performance and access, the system is a very safe one. In the event of a collision, the hydraulic cylinder pressure is released, freeing the keel so as to prevent damage.


The system is extremely easy to operate, with straightforward controls to raise and lower the keel. The control box is located near the throttle at the starboard helm station, and has all of the controls you need to operate your lifting keel.

See below placement of control:

The below tutorial video gives an overview of the keel operation and controls.

What keel options does the Beneteau Oceanis 34.1 offer?

The popular new 34 foot cruiser has three keel options: a shoal draft, deep draft, and a lifting keel designed for the best of both.

What kind of lifting keel is on the Oceanis 34.1?

The performance lifting keel is a safe, stable, & convenient system using hydraulics to lock the keel at one of 2 fixed positions – either fully deployed or fully tucked.

How deep are the 34.1 keel options?

When deployed, the performance draft is 8’4″, when retracted, the draft measures in at 4’1″ …

Is there a swing keel on the Oceanis 34.1?

The keel pivots on a structural support on the hull, keeping the entire system watertight.

How long does the keel take to deploy & retract?

The keel will deploy in under 30 seconds and retract in 20 seconds.

Other Keel Options

The popular new 34 foot cruiser has two other keel options in addition to the lifting keel, a shoal draft and a deep draft. See below outline for different options.

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