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Hull Type:  Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type:  Masthead Sloop
LOA:  28.50′ / 8.69m LWL:  23.83′ / 7.26m
Beam:  10.17′ / 3.10m Listed SA:  364 ft2 / 33.82 m2
Draft (max.)  5.25′ / 1.60m Draft (min.)  
Disp.  8300 lbs./ 3765 kgs. Ballast:  3600 lbs. / 1633 kgs.
SA/Disp.:  14.25 Bal./Disp.:  43.37% Disp./Len.:  273.82
Designer:  Gerry Douglas
Builder:  Catalina Yachts (USA)
Construct.:  FG Bal. type:  Iron
First Built:  1991 Last Built:   # Built:  620
AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)
Make:  Universal Model:  M3-20
Type:  Diesel HP:  
I:  36.50′ / 11.13m J:  10.80′ / 3.29m
P:  31.00′ / 9.45m E:  10.75′ / 3.28m
PY:   EY:  
SPL:   ISP:  
SA(Fore.):  197.10 ft2 / 18.31 m2 SA(Main):  166.63 ft2 / 15.48 m2
Total(calc.)SA:   363.73 ft2 / 33.79 m2 DL ratio:  273.82
SA/Disp:  14.24 Est. Forestay Len.:  38.06′ / 11.60m
BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by:   Catalina Yachts
More about & boats designed by:   Gerry Douglas
Winged Keel vers. disp.:8200 bal.:3500 draft:4.5′.
CATALINA 28 MKII introduced in 1995.
Tall mast version:
I: 39.50′ / 12.04m
J: 10.80′ / 3.29m
P: 34.00′ / 10.36m
E: 10.75′ / 3.28m

Catalina 28
November 2008 By John Kretschmer Boats and Gear
February 2004
Popular coastal cruiser with a big interior makes a great first ‘big’ boat
The Catalina 28 underscores why Catalina has built more sailboats than any other American builder—more than 60,000 and counting. This versatile sloop is easy to handle and sails surprisingly well. There is nothing extreme about the design and it’s relatively simple to maintain. The high-volume interior has more room than many 32-foot boats. There is excellent factory support, an active owner’s group and parts and services are readily available. The 28 is affordable to buy and to operate. Furthermore, when you want to move up or down there is a well defined market for selling the boat. This adds up to a formula for success in an industry where failure can be the norm.
Catalina, based in Southern California, is famous for long production runs. Introduced in 1991 the 28 (and with the 270 that was launched a year later) replaced the legendary Catalina 27 as the all-time best selling keel boat. An updated version in 1995, the 28 MK II is still in production. If you’re looking for a first “big” boat to introduce your family to sailing, or simply looking for one of the best values in the 28- to 30-foot range, you owe it to yourself to look closely at a used Catalina 28. With prices ranging from less than $30,000 for an older model to just under $60,000 for an almost new boat, the 28 is a lot of boat for the buck.

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